It is the stuff of legends. The source of quests and the rewards for jobs well done.

This page gives the general description of each item as well as a link to the GM information. I ask that players please not follow the links to the GM information. GMs - feel free to modify this information to best suit your campaign.

A note on How certain items were created.

The Rod of Crasius
A cylindar, about 5 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. It is covered with a runic writing that is pale against the dark wood. The writing details the second verse of creation. It weighs 2 lbs. Sensitive people will see a form or something shifting within the darkness of the wood, behind the writing. But, if examined closely it seems like a cool chunk of grainless wood. The lettering is painted a pale yellow on black wood. It shows no damage or ravages of time. To the sensitive - this is obviously a magical item. It bears the aura of Savorian, and Lyahvi.
The runes describe the second verse of creation. Specifically:
1:2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
Darin's Medallion of Peace
A mythril medallion on an iron chain, it has a small robin's egg stone (blue with tiny brown flecks) in the center of a trangular piece of mythril. The stone appears stuck in the metal without clasps or holding. The back of the medallion is flat, and its edges and corners are rounded. The metal is covered in knotwork designs on the front, with the negative spaces being a darker blue than the rest of the metal. It is 2 inches at its widest part, and 2 inches thick. It weighs less than 1 pound. It will not rust and shows no signs of age. It has a magical aura of Savorian.
St-Belsirasin, the Weeper (Updated 2001-09-10)
This appears to be a finely crafted short sword. On the hilt is a picture of a young man in priestly robes. His hands are pressed together in supplication and he is weeping. The sword blade is engraved with runes telling the story of the Peonian Soldier in Larani's house. It has a magical aura of Fyvrian.
Monkachi's Medallion of Might
This is a mythril medallion on a leather thong. It is covered in complex knotwork designs. It weighs 15lbs and yet is hollow. It is 5" long and tall, 1" thick, and in the shape of a diamond. It has a magical aura of Savoria.
Halean Luck Charm
A small medalion (weighing only a few ounces), it is made of cheep iron and roughly crafted in the shape of a coin. The coin is painted pink. It rusts, and the paint flakes. It has no magical aura.
The Green Ring of Fyvria (Grass-Killer)
A stone ring that is grass-green in color. It fits a size 6 finger. There are runes on the inner side and it has a fyvrian aura.
The Red Ring of Animal Friendship
A stone ring that is fire-red in color. It fits a size 6 finger. There are runes on the inner side and it has a savorian aura.
The Grey Ring of Piercing Fog
A stone ring that is slate-grey in color. It fits a size 6 finger. There are runes on the inner side and it has an odivshian aura that seems to glow almost blue. [Translated from the Runic]: "From Grey to Light again My eyes Do See."
The Yellow Ring of Night Vision
A stone ring that is pale yellow in color. It fits a size 6 finger. There are runes on the inner side that glow a pale orange. The ring itself has a Lyhavian aura. [Translated from the Runic]: "Darkness be no Bane to Me"
Saphire Dust
The dust from crushed saphires. It glows with a unique magical aura. While it feels like sand (stone dust) it looks like ground glass, and yet feels perfectly smooth when touched.
Cloak Invisible
This appears as absolutely nothing (it's invisible you see). It feels like a silk cloak with a hood. It is 7' in length and wrapps completely around the wearer. Cotton ties are on the inside (at least the side where you can feel seams...but then with an invisible cloak does it matter if you wear it inside out?) to tie it closed. It has a lyhavian aura.
Asiya's Communion with the Fishes
A circular amulet weighing less than 1lb. It is a wooden symbol made of cork. A fish is drawn with a single engraved line on the circular piece of cork (about 2" across). It has an Odivshian aura.
Buruku's Lock and Key
This is a brass-bound wood chest with a 2" circular indentation where the locking mechanism should be. The "key" is a 2" circular amulet with the opposite carving to the indentation (a series of tightly written runes). The chest holds roughly 2 cubic feet. It is not lined.
The Great Armours of Heroes
Each of these is a full suit of plate, decorated and colored differently. There are said to be five great armours: Green, Gold, Red, Blue and Silver. Each piece is said to have special properties and mystical abilities. The size of these armours are unknown.
The Knight of Spring

All parts of this suit of piece-meal plate are a pale metallic green in color with well-worn yellow straps of a strong weave. Each piece is engraved with a very fine pattern of vines and leaves so slight that it is difficult to see unless examined closely. The engraving creates the illusion of a raised pattern on the armor, when really the pattern is sunken. The raised pattern is that of leaves, who's edges are defined by the engraving.

The great helm has no openings save at the neck. It is lined with the same material used for the straps and has additional shoulder flaps that, when tucked beneath the shoulder under-armor, provides a tight-fitting seal. The front of the helmet has 12 horizontal lines of engraving running almost straight across.

The Knight of Winter
The armor is an eerie metallic white in color and yet it neither reflects nor shines. It looks cold and yet has no blue in either its essence or aura. There is no decoration on the armor and neither dirt nor debris will stick to it. This suit comes with a set of gauntlets, but its helm is only a half-helm rather than a great helm as with all the other suits. There is neither maker’s mark nor signs of wear anywhere on the armor. It has strong leather straps that are as white and as unadorned as the armor.
The Knight of Summer

All parts of this suit of piece-meal plate are gold in color with equally golden-colored straps of a strong weave. The metal has the weight and strength of steel, but does not tarnish.

Each piece is plain with neither engravers nor adornment, but they are all almost perfectly smooth and shine with a blinding light when struck by the sun from almost any direction. Their edges are crimped and rough in comparison with the flats, but they too are buffed to a mirror shine.

The Knight of Autumn
This suit of piece-meal plate is burnished auburn in color with pale green straps of a strong weave. Each piece has an intricate pattern engraved of a variety of leaves falling gently to the ground. The leaves appear to move, creating an odd illusion that effectively masks the wearer’s movements. The image is mildly hypnotic and pleasing to view. It also cures all forms of motion sickness in those viewing the illusion for so long as they watch.
The Knight of Destruction
A suit of red plate armour.
The Helm of Jakpah
A plain and unadorned gold-looking plate helm. It has faint runic writing on the inside. It fits a size 6-7 head reasonably well. It has a Savorian aura
The Book of Sorcery, by Tarasplen Heseth
The book of sorcery is a medium-sized tomb of some 200 rough hewn pages. Its leather cover is inscribed with its title and author. The book is divided into six sections, each of which details a convocation and, most importantly, spends time comparing one convocation to the other. The leaves between the sections are of normal paper. The drawings within the book are sometimes transcribed as full color with silver and golds used in their margins. The book sells for between 50 and 100d.
Compendium of Undead Lore, by Unter the Grey
This book fits well in the palm of a hand, and is said to be made from layers of human flesh. Its pages are made of slightly thinner stuff. The bindings appear to have been soaked in blood but are neither caked nor stiff. The book appears tainted and evil to all with the sight.
Illusions, Imagination and Dragons by Werwa of Talismarr
This book is covered with finely overlapped dried lizard scales. The writing within is a long-flowing hand in darkening red ink. Each page is thick and the pen used pressed so heavily into the page that the writing can almost be read by running a finger-tip over each line.
[As of 2002-08-28]Alexandria
A piece of vellum that fold to a comfortable 3”x2” square, just big enough to slip into a pouch or pocket. The vellum looks old and is cris-crossed with fold lines both in the horizontal, vertical and diagonal. It opens to an average size of 11”x17” but has been seen to open larger still. The writing upon it is highly variable - from any number of scripts, to colored maps.
Books stored in Alexandria:
[As of 2002-08-28]Voyages of Cargath of Zįyķrą
[As of 2002-08-28]History of The Gods
[As of 2002-08-28]History of the Sea
[As of 2002-08-28]Journeys of Rowayara of Marąmyth
[As of 2002-08-28]Cyclopędia of Law
[As of 2002-08-28]The Lexicon of Poisons
History of Ancient Empires
Writings of the Corani Culture
Treatise on Herbs, by Werwa of Talīsmarr
History of the Azeriani Culture, by Kaburr the Pious
Travels of the Kotan Prophetess
Writings on Assassination, by Ignidorela
The Compendium of Sindarin History
The Book of Azadmerian History
History of Sewing, by Ignimas Lare
The Writings on Law
History of Northern Faiths
Journeys of Damter the II
The Life of Athamir Unter, by Alrya Hagalganntas the Mad
The Life of Tarasla of Sp’re, by Banfora the IV
Travels of Odilos the Humble
The Guide on Warfare, by Talarath the Younger
History of the Kotan Culture, by Arennare Maranatr
Kasol the Magnificent's Tales of the Sea
Voyages of Vidaus the Blue
The Life of Radiura of Damaristan, by Olafplen of Stalis
History of Martial Arts of the East
The Life of Kelsil of Stalis, by Lyrcane the Blue
History of Ancient Religions of the Elder Gods
Voyages of Rowaper
History of Herbs
The Life of Zelcel, by Stalrya Crisla the Unwashed
Battle Axe of Parasoal
15% lighter than a regular battle axe
Kotan Fighting Staves
The Mighty Tomb of Jerla Durthar
An apparently empty book of some 200 pages of fine thin paper. Its cover is thickbound leather that is embossed with brass and intricate designs. The leather has darkened with age, but the brass on the corners of the covers remains bright and clean. Each page is thinner than even papyrus paper, yet resists tearing. The book weighs 10lbs and is a foot long and a foot wide.
The Broach of Melding
A black eye in a red bacground looks out from one side. It weighs 1 lb and is made of metal. The painting is very finely done and does not chip. It was designed to wear on a leather thong. The metal is grey in color. The broach gives off a faint lyhavian aura.
Sword of Destiny
This appears to be a finely crafted short sword. On the hilt is a picture of a young knight in fine mail. His hands are pressed together in supplication as he waits for his opponent. The sword blade is engraved with runes telling the story of various kotan paladins of the past and future. It has a strong religious aura.
The Sword of Vengence
Caused battlelust and did double effective damage.
The Sword of Truth - was modified by the Khuzdun, and became the Sword of Truth. Power = +6 to Edge, +3 to Point, Weapon quality is now 19.
The Evil Slayer
Double effective damage when it hits an evil creature or person (minimum of 6 morality points less than that of the weilder's morality)
Taburi of Returning

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