1. Editoria l: Introduction
    A brief description of this place, how it works and why the heck I'd want to write editorials about it.
  2. Editorial : Is Chivalry Sexist?
    A brief question with a much longer answer. You'll pardon me, I hope, when I wander off topic.
  3. Editorial : Misplaced Words
    The use of vocabulary in mideavil role playing
  4. Editorial : War Updated 01/21/2001
    We're going to war in the game, so I thought I'd write about it.
  5. Editorial : Websites of Wonder - 01/23/2001
    My adventures in having my stuff published elsewhere and the redesign (again) of this site.
  6. Editorial : The Great Debate
    and other topics on the HarnList I wish would go away for ever. 03/19/2001
  7. Editorial : What I'd Like to See from Columbia Games 05/01/2001
    My wish list.
  8. Editorial : More of my stuff on Auran
    (Websites of Wonder Part II) 05/15/2001
  9. Editorial: YAHP 06/06/2001
    Yet Another Harn Project - an update on my activities and my articles in the world of harnfan sites.
  10. Editorial: Why I Want An XML HârnMaster Character sheet. 08/26/2002. [As of 08/26/2002]
    My argument for such a creature seems logical to me. I've even included a short list of goals and my first attempt at such a creature (without a DTD). The article includes links explaining the necessary acronyms any such discussion requires.

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