People of Pax Tharda

The people of the republic are what make the place memorable. Long after the memory of treasure and adventure have faded along with the scars from combat, the stories of the people will be what remain.

[PCs may read this section - at their GM's discretion]Player Characters
There are four player characters in the current PAX Tharda game. They are: Antonius the Brave, Caius the Strong, Corneilus of the Fist of Death and Fennelisa the Practical. Two others had joined them briefly: Gainas the Wise and Uriel the Mysterious - but they are with us no more (as their Players discovered they had no time for my game). Here then are their chronicles, their characters and their player's musings.
[GM only - Players do not read]Non-Player Characters
1001 NPCs was my goal - and I'm a long way from it. Each social article I write generates a few, each game generates a few more. As time allows I add to the list. I've modified the page to allow you a better view of all the characters by name, clannial affiliation, birth date and occupation. The characters themselves are a mix of HMI and HMC in make.
[PCs may read this section - at their GM's discretion]Great Clans of Tharda
There are 68 great clans in Tharda. Here's another project that's long from finishing. Each article describes the history of the clan, their holdings, religious affiliations and politics. They are designed as background information for those playing as either members of the clan, or just as general information to help expand about the great Thardic Republic.
[PCs Welcome]Society
These are the miscellaneous articles written to try and describe the Thardic Republic to a bunch of white-collar 21st century gamers. They deal primarily with the caste system and the way the Republic works. Each article in this section has its own rating [PCs may read this section - at their GM's discretion], [GM only - Players do not read] or [PCs Welcome].
[PCs Welcome]Food
This is the most overlooked item in role playing today. The section includes roman and roman-esque recipies I've found in various places, as well as some articles describing the herbs and spices available. There is also an article on bee-keeping and honey making.

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