Seventh Sphere

The means of travel between local and distant bodies is available to those with the knowledge, the courage and the intent. Come with me now to the Seventh Sphere in the known celestial cosmology: Kethira and the world of Hârn.

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Once a border-town and still the only ford across the Gomisen river. Many consider it the linch-pin that led to the Agrikan invasion of 704TR.
A dozen different ways to say what you mean and mean what you say. Written for the Thardic legionnaire, these are common sayings that come from daily events, activities and religious beliefs of the legionnaire. Notes include how these sayings have changed when used by merchants and the commonality.
Campaign Newsletter [PDF 246KB]
Since I’ve not heard (much) comment on this idea, I’ve included the first issue of the Campaign Newsletter. Enjoy.
The Mole and the Shrew
The Mole and the Shrew at long last. Very short articles with stats.
Time in Hârn
The months roughly correspond to the Earth calendar. Information on the days, months, lunar phases and other interesting facts on Hârn.
Ausulian of Exenion (B 708TR) and Semprious (B677 TR) Slave/Scribe
Well... not that many and certainly not all at once. This time the characters are from the long list of latin sounding names I generated with EBON at the beginning of the campaign (3 years ago!). Each one is listed as Name, Sex, Position/Career, and Notes - all on one line on the Name Sheet. I’ve always meant to detail these people and now with the HârnFolk initiative, I have a reason.

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