The Thardic Republic

The Thardic Republic is bordered to the south by the feudal Kingdom of Kanday and to the west by the Kingdom of Rethem. The Republic has won a war with Kanday within the last decade, and relations with Rethem are tense, but the present state of affairs is a watchful peace. Two tribal nations also border the Republic; wary and often violent Gozyda, and the ruthless Tulwyn. [Tharda 1]

Founded only three months after the death of Aglir. Since then the real history of the Republic has been largely a matter of the ins and outs of power politics, most of which are unknown or obscure to the general public. However two events stand out. [Tharda 3]

Most of the Rebublic’s problems are domestic. The Tulwyn and Gozda and the Hefiosa brigands pose some threat to security. There is a trend towards lessening of the traditional religious tolerances in Tharda, particularly in the settlements near the Rethem and Kanday borders. Primary targets of such persecution are followers of Larani or Agrik, who some folk see as anti-republican, or as consorts of the enemy. The most serious trend din Thardic politics is the Senate’s increasing inability to compromise on important issues. The intrigue over the appointment of a new Warden for Coranan is reaching a crisis point. The city has been without a Warden for three months, and the Red Guard can presently be described as capriciously surly. The Senate has managed to reduce the field of candidates to two. Both of whom are supporters of the Consolidations faction. Unfortunately, both candidates are supported by half the senators, and nether can gain the two thirds vote necessary for appointment. It is possible that a compromise candidate will be proposed in the near future. There are also several persons who desire that the number of Senators to be expanded beyond 68 to allow themselves to be elected. So far, none of them has managed to influence enough Senators to get such a matter passed. Observers fear that the Senate will still be deadlocked by the time that the next tri-annual appointments must be made in 722. [Tharda 4]

[Players may read with their GM's permission]The City of Coranan
Established 301 TR
Location: Thardic Republic
Status Capital
Government Senate/Prefect/Judge Advocates (civil)Senate/Warden/Red Guard (military)
Population 12,500 (approx.)
Coranan is Hârn's largest city and capital of the Thardic Republic. With the exception of Cherafir, Coranan is the most cosmopolitan settlement on Hârn. Hârnians note the city for its profusion of palaces and major buildings, legacies of the once powerful Corani Empire. It is also a city of several distinct enclaves, segregated by inner walls and patrolled by semi-autonomous bodies of armed guards.

Coranan is the largest city on the island of Hârn, and the capital of the Thardic Republic. There's lots to be detailed in this city, and I've only just begun.
[Players may read with their GM's permission]The Legion Fortification of Fobin
Established 345 TR
Location Geshtei District, Gerium Province, Thardic Republic
Status Seat of the District Legar of Geshtei, home of 4 Cohorts of the Gerium Legion
Population 625 + legionnaires
Fobin lies between Geshtei and Techen on the river Thard. It is a small settlement that gains its life from both the land and the soldiers stationed here. The surrounding towns are mostly populated by farmers and craftsmen as the river at this point is too deep and swift to fish. Traffic flows around the small towns and the caer seasonally by caravans travelling from Coranan to Golatha.
[Players may read with their GM's permission]The Village of Rusna
Location Gerium Province, Thardic Republic
Holder: Clan Molorn
Liege: Sir Larrius Molorn
Population Village X, Manor Y
Rusna is a coastal manor on the north bank of the River Thard. Clan Molorn intrusted it to the care of the Clan's fourth son, one generation removed. The manor sits just north of the High Corani Road, between Fobin and Sitarny. The High Corani road crosses two lesser roads at Rusna. One runs north to cross back to Sitarny, with the other runs southward towards the outpost of Wellen.
[Players may read with their GM's permission]The Legion Outpost of Ritzen
Location Imrum District, Gerium Province, Thardic Republic
Status: Legion Outpost
Liege: Sir Larrius Molorn
Population: 96 people
Ritzen is a legion outpost at the edge of the Imrum District, on the Neshell Downs. It is less than a league from the Rethem border. Surrounded by forests, this outpost is just over a league (5 kilometers) from the Imrium road. The small town receives its fresh water from a deep well that touches an underground stream.
[Players may read with their GM's permission]The Legion Outpost of Sitarny
Location: Geishtei District, Gerium Province, Thardic Republic
Status: Legion Outpost
Population: 29 families
Sitarny is a legion outpost less than a quarter league away from the Rethem border, on the Sitarny River that flows from deep underground sources to the river Thard. The Sitarny is a forgeable river in all but the worst of the spring and fall floods. Still there is a small stone bridge that crosses the river and leads into the town. The river provides the locals a plentiful supply of fresh water that runs throughout the year.

A relatively new outpost, Sitarny sits on the Rethem border along the High Coranan Road. As the first defense against bandits and raiders, they are slightly over manned. Locals are all either retired legionnaires, or family of retirees. Sitarny has an inn and one very small temple, but neither would hold visitors' interest for long. Ruins in the area only add to the ghost tales that are, no doubt, used by raiders to hide their real activities.
[Players may read with their GM's permission]Subfeudation Tables (incomplete)

The following tables were comprised by Nic Germain from available Thardic data. The Legar (Manor Lord or Magistrate) and Triberties (Marshal) are titles used in my version of Tharda only. The names provided for Triberties Primus (those listed in a row with a Place name in Capitals) and the Statistics come from Jonathan Davidson's Alternate Army article. Everything else was tailored for my campaign.

[Players may read with their GM's permission]Goune (Small Town)
Location: Geishtei District, Gerium Province, Thardic Republic
Status: Small Manor
Population: 29 families
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