Keyword List


By Jamie Norrish & R. Downey
Version 2.0
Release Date : 2000-03-17

The following key word list contains all the Hârnic keywords used on this Web Site. They may assist you in searching this site.

adventure - an article detailing a situation and its resolution.
alternate - alternate universe, major world changes
application - software
Bujoc - A matriarchal tribal people
campaign - write-ups of a campaign, anything which presents a personalize vision of the world, including future histories
Chybisa - place, Country located on the island of Hârn
Common Lore - stories, songs and tales known to most Hârnic inhabitants
Coranan - city, capital of the Thardic Republic
culture - arts, literature, differences
economy - goods, services, trade
Elves - see Sindarin
Dwarves - See Khuzdul
HM1 - HârnMaster 1 rules material
HM2 - HârnMaster 2 (AKA HârnMaster Core) rules material
IC - In character material makes up a significant part of the document
image - diagrams, pictures - anything not a map, but which is properly part of the content
Ivinia - place, Country
Jarin - peoples, not tribal
Kaldor - place, Country
Khuzdul - relating to the Hârnic Dwarven Race
language - relating to one of the many spoken tongues.
Larani - Goddess
literature - oral or written work
location - details a site
magic - includes psionics. See Shek-P'var
Melderyn- place, Country
military- feudal forces, legion, levy, militia, etc.
nature - flora and fauna, natural phenomena
official - official material
religion - Larani, Peoni, Agrik, Ilvir, Naveh, Morgath, Siem, Sarajin, Save-K'nor, others
rules - Mechanics, for whatever system
Shek-Pvar - magic and the magicians of Hârn
Sindarin - the elves of Hârn
succession crisis - see Kaldor, Miginath
Tashal - city, the capital of Kaldor
text - document format of ASCII text or HTML
Tharda - place, Country on the island of Hârn
tribes - relating to existing and historic tribal peoples

These are the "types" I use:

AH (Area Hârnica),Placename/Type,  - refers to a mapped place with details and possibly story hooks and characters.
PlaceName- the name to find on the map (Town/Province-Moot/Country/LandMass),
Type - Caer/Keep/Outpost/Village/Town/City/Ruins/Temple ect.
Adventure/Campaign: Refers to a written adventure. May be linked to an AH and Characters.
Rules, Version: Tells you what version of the game the rules were written for.
Skills, Skill Name/Specialty: May be more than one per file. Listed as Skills, Skill Name, Specialties, Skill Name, Specialties, ...
Beastiary, Beast Name:  May be more than one per file.
Culture, Placename/People, Detail: Self-explanatory.
Detail - Food, Herbs, ect.

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