Beasts of Pax Tharda

These beasts were originally designed for an on-line project called "HârnBeasty". Written for HârnMaster, almost everything about these creatures can easily be used in any campaign setting. This is an introduction, and general explanation of how each beast is described.

[PCs may read this section - at their GM's discretion] Hares
Hares are found throughout most of north-western Lythia. Subspecies include: The Common Hare, the Blue Hare and the Mouse Hare.
[PCs may read this section - at their GM's discretion]Rabbits
There is only one subspecies of rabbit and it is more domestic than wild. This article includes notes on farming rabbits as well as common lore.
[PCs may read this section - at their GM's discretion]Grounders [Updated! 08-11-2002]
A family of animals that eats insects, these include the Urcheon, the mole and the shrew. This short article provides an overview of the family. Stats are also provided for the mole and the shrew.
[PCs may read this section - at their GM's discretion]Livestock [Updated! 04-24-2005]
An article on the more domesticated species of the island - goats, sheep, cattle, wild boar, and swine. Also available in PDF.

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