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[GM Only - Players do not read!]Adventures

This is a series of one or two session adventures written and play tested in the Pax Tharda campaign. They are all written to highlight the Thardic Republic and the Legion, but can easily be adopted for other locations and careers. Help yourself.

[GM Only - Players do not read!]Beastiary
These beasts were originally designed for an on-line project called HârnBeasty. Written for HârnMaster, almost everything about these creatures can easily be used in any campaign setting. This is an introduction, and general explanation of how each beast is described.
[Players May read with GM's Permission]Campaign
This section may be read by the players of Pax Tharda. It contains the characters, campaign map and notes on the general goings on in the campaign. Antoinus' diary is the best way to find out what's really happening within the campaign. Character sheets, notes and homes are also detailed here.
[Players May read with GM's Permission]House Rules
This section contains old house-rules. Including: how to generate a character using my HM1 house-rules, an expansion on herblore, Falling Rules (By Bill Gant), Martial Arts rules and Strength Damage bonuses (by A.H. Nicoletti), Psionics (By Gary Ashburn) and stat improvement (By Eric J. Anderson). Eventually this will include my HMC house rules.
[Players May read with GM's Permission]Legions
These articles are the core to my campaign. There are the original articles, by Jonathan M. Davidson (Alternate army), and there are a few more of mine. Everything you never wanted to know about the Thardic Republican Army, but were afraid to ask. Built with a "roman-like" feel, it is only romantic in outward appearance. Before you scoff, take a look. A lot of work went into this.
[Players May read with GM's Permission]Magic
This section breaks into two parts: articles about variant magical systems, and spells by convocation. The spells are currently for HM1. The articles about variant magical systems are by a variety of people.
[Players May read with GM's Permission]Religion
Broken down by deity, the majority of this content is by me. There's lots still to do. Here you can find the Order of the Fuming Gate, the Order of the Scarlet Veil, The Warriors of Mameka, the Feast of Halane article, and a few things on the Peonian religion as well.
[GM Only - Players do not read!]Treasure
Descriptions of the various goods given out as rewards in my game, the majority of which are unique items.

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