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The following off-site links all go to various Hârn Religion Team (HRT) pages. The local links go to local pages of stuff I've written on/about the religions in question.

Miscellaneous Articles

[PCs may read this document]Kirdan: [HTML 27kb] [PDF 45KB][New 04-27-05]
A new human diety is really an ancient Khuzdan religion that has returned.
[PCs may read this document]Gods of Shoju: [HTML 16kb] [PDF 50KB] [New 04-27-05]
The Lythian pantheon of gods is slightly different in Shoju than it is on the island of Harn. This brief article describes the general differencecs. This was originally written for the Shoju project.
[PCs may read this document]Religions in Tharda: [HTML 12kb]
This incomplete document is provided to show how the faiths are mingled in Tharda - where any god is accepted, but not always worshiped.
[PCs may read this document]Religious Calendar: [HTML 60KB]
A list of all the holy days of Harn for all 10 religions.
[PCs may read this document]Templates: [HTML 12KB]
Taken from the Harnic Religions Home page, it is the basis upon which most all of the religion articles were written.

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