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This page was created for the express purpose of acting as a campaign aide for a game of HârnMaster, situated in the Thardic Republic - in the fictional world of Ketheria, as created by Columbia Games Inc and N. Robin Crossby.

This work, created by the authors listed below, is a derivative work of copyrighted material published by CGI and released for free distribution and personal use by the authors listed below and without permission or endorsement by N. Robin Crossby or Columbia Games, Inc. No modification of said work may be made without permission of the authors listed below. All distributions must keep this copyright notice intact.
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Currently the majority of the pages presented here are the work of one person - RA Downey. Other folk (in no particular order) who've written for this site are:

All the articles should be clearly marked as to their author and copyright date in the meta-tag information. I was not as careful as I should have been when first developing content for this site. If you see your work here and your name is not mentioned above - please contact me and I will gladly add it.

To contact these other contributors, send mail to the address at the bottom of each page and I will forward your message to the contributor in question. None of us like spam, and this extra step is one way to filter the mail.

These articles are presented for your reading pleasure only. If you make copies of these articles for personal use - the copyright information must remain with all copies. We are but poor writers who create this information for fun, and not for profit. Therefore we state that - these pages, their content and any references they make to other sites, articles or information, can not be sold without our express (and written) permission of all the author(s)/copyright holders involved.

If you change or use any of this information in your own campaigns, we'd like to hear about it.

Thank you.

The Lady Ketherian

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