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[PCs may read with their GM's permission]Bribery, Bargaining and Barter:
[HTML 33kb] A player's guide to survivng Thardic business practices. In a world where bribery is seen as "tipping" and expected, a bit of finess is required.
[PCs may read with their GM's permission]PC info for Join the Legion:
[HTML 24kb] the state of the world as we know it at the start of our campaign in the spring of 718.
[PCs may read with their GM's permission]Client Patron Relationship
[HTML 24KB] In the Thardic Republic everyone is either a client, or a patron - if not both - to someone. This relationship is keyto social interactions, and yet it is almost a taboo topic.
[PCs may read with their GM's permission]Castes of Tharda
[HTML 78kb] There are five castes within Thardic society: The slave, the freedman, the citizen, the equestrian and the senator. The exceptions are the legionnaire and the foreigner. Read this article to find out what they can and cannot do.
[PCs may read with their GM's permission]Surviving Coranan on 1 d per day
[HTML 21KB] Is it possible? Has it been done? Here's two examples of how it could be done in the city. Generic how-to for players.
[GM Only Information]Lia-Kavair
[HTML 33kb] A document detailing the different gangs...chapters of the illustrious Lia-Kavair (thieves guild.) By Marc Renouf.
[HTML 16kb] An article on the structure and organization of the Lia-Kavair as a whole. By Michael Kavanagh.
[GM Only Information]The Future of Tharda
[HTML 55KB] Details the items before the senate, rumors and other social activities from 712 to 722TR. Incomplete but still worth reading.

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