Player Characters of Pax Tharda

There are 5 players currently in my PAX THARDA campaign.

[Players May read with GM's Permission]Antonius
A tanner's adopted son of questionable birth he became a squire to the Laranians who guard the Peonian church in Coranan. He joined the legion at 16 and discovered himself to be a paladin of a new religion. He also set himself the impossible task of marrying a soon-to-be retired legionnaire. Will he remain a legionnaire, or go off to seek his destiny? Will he be a paladin who lives a long life, performing small tasks; or will he live a short but bright existance as the sword of the church?
[Players May read with GM's Permission]Caius
The son of a legionnaire of some fame and a miller, he comes from a large family. Now a Primus, he looks after the others as only a Primus can. Freed from the duty of looking out for his slow brother (Willom), he now spends his free time worshipping halea, peoni and learning more about this new god that suits his personality far better than the old. He is a lifer, and most know he's a little bit crazy. A giant of a man with imposing strength he can be quite gentle. But that does nothing to explain his constant carrying of taburi ...
[Players May read with GM's Permission]Corneilus
Book for this shortened tenacus, he has gained the nickname "Fist of Death" and is greatly feared in combat. Always on the look out for a means of making money, he is either sleeping, eating or gossiping in his free time. Most assume he is either a book-worm or a mage (although few make the actual distinction), and that he's a fabrica. He's just a legionnaire trying to make an honest living. The tatoo on his cheek makes him easy to spot in a crowd.
[Players May read with GM's Permission]Fennelisa
Practical, organized and efficient she hardly seems to fit in the legion. She's just in for her 4 years, as a good Thardian. She has great plans and is discovering more and more about her innate abilities as time goes by. She is very good with animals (some even say she can speak to them -- and they speak back!). She carves wood as a hobby and seems equally skilled at breaking hearts.
[Players May read with GM's Permission]Old
A stranger from the east, Uriel was this groups Fabrica. Unfortunately he never stuck around long enough to be more than an enigma. Gainas was suppose to be the group's fabrica, but once more real life intervened and the player became too busy to continue.
[Players May read with GM's Permission]Johnson
The latest Fabrica. He joined the group on 1 Navek, 718. In fact, when he heard he'd be the third fabrica to join the group he desperately tried to turn his horse around and ride back to Coranan despite his pains at this being his first hose ride!

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