Food of Pax Tharda

[PCs may read]Wurt Bolf’s Cooking with the Legion Part I: On the Move
[HTML 25KB ] The Thardic Legion lives on its stomach. Each day of travels the legion must supply its legionnaires with the food, however unappetizing.
[PCs may read]Wurt Bolf’s Cooking with the Legion Part II:
Favorite Foods of the Officers of Fobin [HTML 15KB]. The officers of the Legion fare slightly better than the legionnaires in their choice of food and quality of meals.
[PCs may read]Curalack and Sea Sponges
[HTML 9KB] A new curative herb to the legion, and its dangerous predecessor.
[PCs may read]Some Hârnic Herbs by Matt Whalley
[HTML 14KB ] New herbs for Hârn Includes: Halbise, Shorinda, Tarvyn, Rytyrian, Chirtyn, Mirgystal, Wyntalick, and Ithola
[PCs may read]Honey in Hârn
[HTML 19KB] Honey making is a profitable industry in Hârn - This article examines Apiary in Hârn and its produce in brief.
[PCs may read]Spices in Hârn
[HTML 31KB] Presents details of seventeen new herbs as a continuation of the Herblore article. Includes: Blue Crescents,Royal, Evergreen Mint, Sweet Bite, Groom's Aide, Lover's Lick, Zeylancium, Tongue Spice, Manna Spice, Wandering Spice, Lulling Herb, Meeting Seed, Horn Spice, Cough Bane, Mint, Yellow Bane, and Mountain Joy
[PCs may read]A Little Bit On Oil And A Little Bit On Grain
[HTML 33KB] A brief description of oil and grain, its uses, trade values and quantities in Hârn. as of 02/27/2002.

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