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Every game relies on the GM coming up with adventures. While most good GM's don't need the help - sometimes it is nice to have a ready-made adventure to give your imagination a break. Here then are the adventures I've created and run in my current campaign.

The Sweet Smell of Death [HTML 46KB] A murder mystery. At the begining of the feast of Halane Fobin is a busy place, with caravaners arriving. Who would notice a murder amidst the hussel and bussel?
All Part of the Bargain [HTML 31kb]Being a messanger for a litgant is easy work for easy pay...until that is you get caught up in a plot that could get you killed!
A Raven In Ritzen [HTML 13kb]A peonian priest is found murdered near Ritzen keep. The legionnaires are sent in to try and find the murderer. But the town is surprisingly complaciant after such a tragedy.
Adventures Throught the Green Gate [HTML 17kb]A complicated plot combining three (or more) events into one very confusing tale. Not for the light of mind. *Incomplete*
Chronicle of Tears [HTML 10kb]The following adventure combines a location in Fobin, an article and the Red Guard Cairn in one of many possible adventure ideas. The chronicle of tears is only loosely mapped out to allow for flexibility and because my PCs have not yet been through this one.
EarthMaster Artifacts [HTML 8KB] A common lore article detailing a myth and two story possibilities.
Every Which Way But Loose [HTML 11kb]Loosely based on the Clint Eastwood film of the same name, this is an adventure idea. Details have yet to be completed.
Guess Who's Coming to Visit [HTML 12kb]Most legionnaires believe being a senatorial bodyguard must be a cream job. This little adventure was designed to prove them wrong.
Hang 'Em High [HTML 26kb] Fobin is in turmoil. The legionnaires are getting angry at having to eat "standard fair" while still encamped.
Howling at the Darkness [HTML 16kb]In Ritzen for the night, a desperate howl awakens the keep. What could have caused it? The sound bodes badly for surviving through the night.
Red Guard Cairn [HTML 19kb]A ballad to remember the four fallen heroes who saved the town of Fobin in 642TR, and the troubles that now lurk there.
The Curse of the Golden Sword [HTML 9kb]A Common Lore article for The Thardic Republic.
The Haunted Tower [HTML 20kb]The story of Elise Dubrak, and the adventure it could inspire. A common ghost story told around the campfire with religious and social implications.
The Lemon Tree [HTML22KB] People are dying in the sleepy manor town of Rusna. Can the PCs stop the grusom murders before they claim the entire town?
Using the Order for Prophecy and Profit [HTML 11kb] The Order of the Scarlet Veil seeks messengers of honorable bearing to deliver various messages to all of known Agrikdom and beyond.
Village of Stone [HTML 6kb] The moral of this story is - when a mage asks for help, you give it. Willingly, less he die and remember your name.
Where Dragons Dare [HTML 60kb]By request of the Save-K'norian church, the adventures decend into a forgotten temple to retrieve an ancient tomb promising great power, and horrible evil.

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