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[PCs may read]The Great Clans of Tharda Introduction
Power in Politics. A general explanation of the Senate as a whole and its various factions within. Includes links to the Register of the Senate in 720TR.
[PCs may read with their GM's permission]Clan Jerdosta

Motto: Conquer the Unconquerable
Registry: Palace of Gules, 662
Holdings: 24, 140 aces in Shiran District

Clan Jeredosta currently holds the most land held by any one clan in all of Tharda. The land they hold is relatively new and unsettled. The Jeredosta clan was founded around the year 658, during the reign of Colura of Coranan, the fifth Autarch (661-68) of the Thardic League. In return for mustering 500 men for Colura’s armies, they were granted clan registry at the palace of Gules in 662.

[PCs may read with their GM's permission]Clan Nordaka

Crest: Pale per fess gold and argent counter charged, a swan close proper.
Motto: Prosper
Registry: Palace of Gules, 603TR
Holdings: Telen, Ramala, Coranan 21, 500 Acres

Clan Nordaka is the second largest landholder in the Thardic Republic. They are a relatively old clan who acquired the majority of its lands through marriages and inheritances. Only about 12% of their lands were ever actually purchased. While the clan existed at the Republics foundation, there is little written record of the clans existence before this time. Their crest was registered at the Palace of Gules in Coranan in 603TR. A few members of the clan's past are celebrated in local feasts, but no such celebrations are common outside of the clan seat of Telen.

[PCs may read with their GM's permission]Clan Weijik
Crest: Per Bend Sinister Azure and Barry Sable and Gules
Motto: Audaces fortuna juvat
Registry: Palace of Gules 680TR
Holdings: Coranan, Kuseme and Noru

Clan Weijik is a relative new comer to the political scene of Tharda; many believe they have Kaldoric roots. A wealthy, young merchant founded the clan two generations ago when, in return for his services to the country of Tharda, he received both land and title. Since then his progeny have tripled his initial land holdings. While the clan's name is not well known currently things have begun to change.

[PCs may read with their GM's permission]Clan Asarn
Crest: Vert, Two Horses Rampent, Ors, Langued Gules
Motto: Who Catches the Wind
Registry: Place of Gules, 712TR
Holdings: Coranan Province, Coranan district. Eidel Province, Kuseme district

Clan Asarn is older than its registry. For a long time the clan suffered under the idea that they were Autarchists. The clan is the remainder of two older clans who lost almost all their holdings when the Thardic League fell. These clans, the Transhar and the Atrian, intermarried to form Clan Asarn. They were fortunate during the wars with Kaldor and managed to survive the fall of the Thardic League, but only barely.

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