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Hârn – Secrets of the Misty Isle

Visit scenic Harn, the Misty Isle, and explore its rugged wilderness, following its many criss-crossing trails through mist-enshrouded hills and dense forests. Explore the mystery of Anrist Point and take on the three challenges of the enigmatic Riddlemaster. Follow the trail to Noron’s Keep where Noron the Giant rules over his small, secluded domain. Take the path north to Shese and delve into the many behind-the-scenes intrigues of Ivinian-occupied land. Proceed into the Elorna Hills and discover Gedan, the mysterious Lodge of a Thousand Souls, where the Jarin resistance plots another rebellion. Finally, end your tour of the region at Leriel, where the Jarin have sequestered themselves in the shadow of their brutal Ivinian overlords.

”Harn – Secrets of the Misty Isle” is a 73-page module which offers an introductory chapter suitable for players and GMs who are new to Harn, as well as adding detail and color to the area once known as Jara. The module also adds a third chapter to the expansive Saga of Gundar Green-Eye, an epic story arc in the style of the old Icelandic sagas that have PCs trying to right an old wrong, and find the savage murderers of their parents.

Although Anrist Point has previously been published as a separate article and is still available that way, it is now also bundled in this module.

by Jay Sojdelius

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