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Orbaal – Legacy of the Clansmen

Come venture to rugged Orbaal – a mountainous, inhospitable region which is possibly the most dangerous region of Harn. Experience its jagged coastline with gorgeous but treacherous fjords, pelted by snow and rain and ravaged by gale force winds. Behold it’s majestic Jahl Mountains, with nine peaks stabbing at the sky at over 7,000 feet. Sail to remote Gedil Island and confront the ruthless Sherwyn clan, evil-doers and ne’er-do-wells of a uniquely Ivinian kind, and discover the unholy pact they have made with a sinister devil in disguise. Trek to the remote village of Aselt, to find out what happened an ominous night 37 years ago, when bloodthirsty raiders descended on the settlement, and wreaked havoc on the unsuspecting, peaceful Jarin population. Follow the trail of the murderers to the secluded Quimedaal Valley, where Agrikan forces brood and prepare for violence. Then proceed to the capital Geldeheim, at the source of the scenic Geldesfjord, and find the kingdom balancing on a knife’s edge, on the verge of civil war.

”Orbaal – Legacy of the Clansmen” is a 50-page module which offers an introduction to Orbaal, details on Gedil Island and the main settlement of Sherwyn, as well as the fourth chapter of the epic Saga of Gundar Green-Eye, an expansive story arc in the style of the old Icelandic sagas that have PCs trying to right an old wrong, and find the murderers of their parents. The module also includes a strategic mini-game that allows GMs who are so inclined to play out an attempted coup and the subsequent battles for the future of the kingdom that was once known as Jara.

by Jay Sojdelius

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