Raldlund – Land of the Majestic Fjords

Raldlund is a wealthy, historically significant region of Menglana along the Oslufjord, located in the southern part of the kingdom. Includes Chapter 1 of The Saga of Gundar Green-Eye.

Sea of Ivae – Realm of the Rovers

Sail the frigid seas of Ivae, braving the elements while you explore its many islands across the expanse of the northern ocean. Includes Chapter 2 of The Saga of Gundar Green-Eye.

Hârn – Secrets of the Misty Isle

Visit scenic Harn, the Misty Isle, and explore its rugged wilderness, following its many criss-crossing trails through mist-enshrouded hills and dense forests. Includes Chapter 3 of the Saga of Gundar Green-Eye.

Orbaal – Legacy of the Clansmen

Rugged Orbaal – a mountainous, inhospitable region which is possibly the most dangerous region of Harn. Includes Chapter 4 of The Saga of Gundar Green-Eye.

Bejist – Epicenter of Evil

Travel south past the farthest reaches of the Kingdom of Kaldor, explore the Plain of Towers, mysterious Shava Forest and beyond. Includes Chapter 5 and the epic conclusion to The Saga of Gundar Green-Eye.