Fanon Templates

HarnWorld Style Article Templates
There are six template files in this download; two MS Word 2000 (A4 & LTR), two MS Word 2010 (A4 & LTR) and two MS Word 2016 (A4 & LTR). These templates are for writing your own Hârn articles. Every page has a full copyright and trademark notice. To alter the author name, click File -> Properties, and change it from my name to you your name. Save the files as document templates in the correct place on your machine, and then simply click File -> New, and choose your preferred page size.

by Leitchy

Friend, Foe, or Follower Sheet Templates
These are two FFF  sample documents in MS Word 2010 for GMs who want to make their own FFF sheets.  Just replace the existing text in these documents with your own text.

by Kerry Mould

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