Dark Rethem

A series of adventures set in Rethem and their supporting environmental articles. The adventures span Rethem, from Peran to the Afarezir Islands and back to Golotha.

Araka-Kalai Expansion

A series of fanon articles that expands on the CGI-published module.

Light Rethem

Inspired by the Dark Rethem series, Light Rethem concerns the activities of some unusual undead.

The Saga of Gundar Green-Eye

Campaign modules set in Ivinia and Harn for use with HarnWorld and HarnMaster.

Harn Pottage

A series of articles containing locations, adventures and other material based in HârnWorld, but usable in any fantasy role playing system.


A series of the heraldry of major and some minor knights of the various kingdoms.


A series concerning the holdings of the Labarn Clan in the Kingdom of Kaldor.

Many Manors

A series of manor maps in the usual style. The maps do not have any accompanying text, leave the GM free to use them wherever they feel is appropriate.

Asolade Hundred

Articles and adventures set in the Kaldoran Hundred of Asolade, in the far south of the Kingdom.

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