Indama House: A Townhouse in Tashal

August 5, 2018

Indama House is a three-story townhome on Chidena Street in Tashal’s Haldana District. The house is the property of Sir Chimin Indama, Baron of Getha and Sheriff of Neph, and is used by his family when they are in the city. The article contains the house’s history, current staff, floor plans, and some adventure hooks dealing with Chimin’s young, and extremely eligible, daughter.

by Joe Adams

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House For Sale

August 5, 2018

This is a mini-adventure and location article. Inspired by the Real Estate article by Columbia Games Inc., which details a house in the Weavertown district of Tashal, Kaldor that is up for sale. Viewing the house, the seller’s asking price, taxes and repairs and current tenants are all explained. There is also a local map of the neighbourhood and details about the residents. The house itself is full detailed, with a GM map and descriptions, plus two versions of the players’ maps: one with furniture and one without. Finally, there is a full page of adventure hooks to inspire a GM.

by Kerry Mould

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Three Brothers Barrow

December 21, 2016

This article provides Gamemasters with a ready-made Jarin barrow tomb for heroes to explore, along with several adventure hooks. Three maps are included: a local map depicting the pasture where the ancient barrow has remained hidden until the present, interior plans for the barrow tomb itself, and interior plans for a small cave system that allows access to the hidden tombs. Additionally, stats are provided for a new type of Ivashu the PCs can encounter within the caves, along with a beautiful full-colour illustration by Richard Luschek.

by Rob Barnes

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A Kaldoric Succession Crisis

November 13, 2016

One of the most fascinating stories in Hârnic canon is the looming succession crisis to the throne of the Kingdom of Kaldor. The published material is intentionally vague on how the crisis may turn out, leaving it open to interpretation by individual game masters as is proper. This article describes how one person intends the crisis to begin and looks at the first few months of possible events.

The material in this article is based largely on information in Edward Barach’s analysis of the succession crisis in Thonahexus #9 (qv). The author has made extensive use of Jonathan Nicholas’ Great Clans of Kaldor (qv) and Kerry Mould’s Lady of Paladins (qv) article. Like those articles, he also relied heavily on the Kaldor articles from Columbia Games Inc and original writings by N. Robin Crossby, along with a selection of material from a multitude of other canon and fanon articles.

by Paul Strack

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Hârn Pottage III

November 12, 2016

Part 3 of 4 in the series Harn Pottage

Pottage III continues the fine tradition of bringing excellent supplementary material to the roleplaying community. While the places, people, and adventures contained in this volume are aimed at the world of Hârn, with very little work they could be used in any medieval fantasy campaign. Heck, with just a little more work, they could be used in ANY genre!

Included with artwork by the incomparable Richard Luschek and beautiful maps, the author has once again exceeded all expectations. These 40 pages are roleplaying gold…and free!

by Mike St-Pierre

Hârn Pottage III Download

As an added bonus, Joe McCallum has made coloured editions of some of the Keep (Fortified Manor House) that appears on pgs 2-5.

Pottage3 Colour Maps Download

Mejetus: Ancient Shades

October 18, 2015

Part 16 of 22 in the series Dark Rethem

This is the fourth adventure of the Dark Rethem campaign and sees the main campaign arc brought to a conclusion.  In it the player characters are summoned to pay the debt incurred at the end of Golotha: Deeper Dark and embark on a mission that takes them into Peran and across Rethem in pursuit of the missing Coln of Kutz.  On the way they will find clues to his plans and to his nature and come to realise just how much is at stake.

by Alun Rees




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Hârn Pottage IV

January 1, 2015

Part 4 of 4 in the series Harn Pottage

Hârn Pottage returns with its fourth installment.  Continuing its tradition of random locations usable in almost any fantasy gaming system. This edition includes a keep, a village, a walled town, a cove and two short adventures…and it’s not done yet (hint, there’s no back cover)! A Hârn Pottage spine and alternate cover with a pottage recipe are provided for the fans in separate files.

At 53 pages, this is the largest Pottage yet and again illustrated by none other than Richard Luschek.

by Mike St-Pierre

Hârn Pottage IV Download


Golotha: The Deeper Dark

September 8, 2012

Part 13 of 22 in the series Dark Rethem

Golotha is known as the darkest and most disreputable city in all Harn, perhaps in all western Lythia, yet most of the acts that earn it this reputation are carried out in secret and seclusion. This adventure lifts the veil on some of those secrets and confronts the player characters with both the nature and consequences of the evils at large in the city.  They quickly become embroiled in the hunt for a gruesome serial killer which soon acquires supernatural, perhaps Morgathian, overtones.

This is the third adventure in the Dark Rethem series.

by Alun Rees



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Will In The Way

May 12, 2012

Located to the southwest of Olokand in the Kingdom of Kaldor, this adventure involves tensions between two feudal lords over a grant of land from one to the other. This is a game of information gathering and political intrigue, although combat and subterfuge play their part. It is one of the many modules of the Nelafayn Hundred Project. As written, it directly involves the fiefs of Goffin and Henewes but can be adapted to any feudal realm. Illustrated by Richard Luschek.

by Dan Bell

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Nuem Campaign

April 7, 2012

The Nuem Campaign describes the history and people of the Nuem Valley in Melderyn.  Descriptions of the secular manors of Holosi and Saloren Hundreds are included, along with a selection of individuals, both important and minor.  It concentrates on the manor lords and the issues they deal with, especially clan Telza, rather than with the great lords or lowly peasants.  Major events for the next 10 years, such as the Solori Crusade resolution and the Elorin Rebellion, are detailed.

This module contains a dense amount of information that could be used in any adventure or campaign set in northern Melderyn. Even if you aren’t running a Solori Crusade adventure, these events can provide a rich background tapestry through which a group of adventurers might pass.

by Jon Purvis

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