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Hârn is a mist-shrouded island lying off the western coast of the continent of Lýthia, and legend has it populated by savage beasts, barbaric tribesmen, and mysterious wizards.

First published in 1983, Hârn is one of the most detailed fantasy worlds ever created and we are proud to be your gateway to its small but thriving worldwide fan community. So come on in and join the fun.

Don't know HârnWorld at all? Click here to download an introduction (PDF). If you want to meet other fans, then visit the HârnForum, the Hârn community meeting hall. And don't forget to check out HârnLink for other Hârn websites on the Internet! But our primary purpose is to freely share fan-written material set in HârnWorld, although much of this material could be adapted for use in any fantasy roleplaying setting. Submissions can be sent to submissions_{AT}_lythia_{DOT}_com.


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Royal Court of Kanday

Who pulls the strings in Kanday’s government? This 8-page article gives details on the holders of office.

Medrik New Row

Continuing the mapping of Tashal, the New Row is a collection of three houses built along the River Wall in the Medrik district.

Spells: Burning Wheel

Two magical tomes with unique spells, sourced from The Burning Wheel.

Map: Emesa Hundred

This entry is part 22 of 22 in the series Dark Rethem

A map of Emesa Hundred

City Catchup for HarnMaster

Story generation for PC down-time.


One possible description of the underwater Earthmaster city.


Maps: Keron Island

December 9th, 2010

This fine map could be used in any setting, but it represents Keron Island off the eastern coast of Hârn, in the Sea of Ivae. The ruin named Nehurva represents an abandoned fishing village belonging to the ancient Pagaelin when they were fisher-folk on the east coast, prior to the Migration Wars. When, where, and how Nehurva was destroyed is left to your imagination. The iron mine was used by the Orbaalese during their occupation of the island in 704TR, when they constructed Balhafen, and was abandoned in 707 when Balhafen was destroyed by a freak storm. Lake Yvan is a tidal lake.

by Oddgeir Drevdal

Maps: Keron Island Download


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