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Alchemy, an original work by NRC, adapted by JPM and reformatted by Shane Morales. This archive contains all versions, from the original to the final adaptation. They should be considered houserules because they were never officially published. Also available are alchemical and chymical recipes of Terra.

Trouble in Rethem

Trouble in Rethem is a complete, engrossing standalone 90-page fanon adventure for the Hârn fantasy role-playing setting and the HârnMaster RPG. This scenario takes place in the Hârnic kingdom of Réthem, on the western coast of the island. The adventure contains extensive maps and floorplans, full stats for NPCs, and playable, pre-generated characters and is ready for the GM to use. The adventure is an opportunity for new players to quickly get into the Hârn setting, and try it out in a fast-paced introductory scenario.

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