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Menêma – Hèpekéria’s Maritime Crossroads

We are pleased to publish the first of four Regional Maps and Gazetteers for the sub-continent of Hèpekéria. The first of these is Menêma – Hèpekéria’s Maritime Crossroads. This publication covers the Kingdoms of Menêma, Dýsor, Geména and Vítho, and the wild lands of Dálani. It also outlines the Númec lands of the Lawâta and ‘Air tribes, and the subsidiary realm, Azúwirat. Over 100 entries are described. This is a fascinating region, with the Kôrlic […]

Tourney Events

This article provides HârnMaster rules for the tournament events mentioned in the Tournaments (#4721) and Olokand Castle (#5618) articles, available from Columbia Games Inc. by Bill Gant

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