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Sea of Ivae – Realm of the Rovers

Brave the elements and sail the salty seas of Ivae. Explore some of its many islands along the way across the expanse of this frigid northern ocean. Make a pilgrimage to Lokis and consider swinging by Kyriheim for a rendezvous with the Oracle of Lokis. Stop by the quaint little island kingdom of Tavu and get a taste of pirate life, and why not check in on the ferocious Pradeyalkri known as Garelon on remote Gly Island? Just don’t go there unarmed. Wade ashore on Keron Island and rifle through the remnants of the former Orbaalese outpost, but beware of the pirates camped out there — unless you can befriend them you might need to fight them off.

“Sea of Ivae”: a 60-page campaign article describing the ocean and some of locations around the Sea of Ivae, as well as including Chapter 2 of The Saga of Gundar Green-Eye; an expansive campaign that will take PCs from the shores of Menglana to the forests of Harn.

Although Lokis and Balhafen have previously been published as separate articles, they are now bundled in this article.

by Jay Sojdelius

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