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This website is the product of a project I started in 2004. The project had two inter-related objectives. First, I wanted a Harnic “career campaign”, like the ones I’d played in other RPG systems. Second, I wanted to explore “local campaigns”, which are adventures set in a geographically small but richly detailed setting.

I approached creating the career campaign much as an author would tackle a novel. The campaign outline lays out a plot that is constructed of several distinct stages. I didn’t want to assume that the players (or GM) had any previous knowledge of the Harn setting or the HarnMaster rules, so I started with the basics – combat. In the first part of the campaign, the Player-Characters (PCs) are faced with problems that can be handled with combat and roleplaying. As the characters advance through the campaign, they are presented with increasingly difficult challenges – obstacles that require them to solve puzzles and use a variety of skills.

The campaign is set in a small Hundred in eastern Kaldor. I chose this location specifically because it allowed me to develop a great amount of detail. Collaborators and players have joked that I “may have left a dog in Hundholt without a name” but I doubt it. The level of detail should not be viewed as daunting, however, but as a backdrop that is as deep as the players need it to be.

The combination of a expansive plot and a detailed setting means that a GM needs to prepare before running this campaign. There are too many threads to deal with all on the fly. Not all threads will fit into a campaign or suit each group. Don’t be afraid to make up alternative plot lines. There is plenty to do in the Hundred. Each manor has a “cheat sheet” at the end but there are also plenty of seeds scattered throughout the material.

Before introducing the site organization, I need to acknowledge the people that have helped me get as far as I have. Robert Barfield has been an amazing sounding board and has helped refine ideas as well as editing articles. Allan Prewett took on the job of running the playtesting group, which involved as much campaign creation as it did refereeing. The maps done by George Kelln have been spectacular and his imagination have helped fill in blanks that I didn’t know I had. Additionally, I need to thank Dan Bell, Kerry Mould, and John Sgammato for their helpful hints and creative suggestions along the way.

The Knights of Kaldor website has five main areas.

Manors & Locations
This page holds all of the manor and associated location articles. It is also the home for the NPC write-ups.
Adventures and Backgrounds
This page is where I keep the Knights of Kaldor campaign adventures and background material.
General Articles
This page has articles that aren’t specifically related to the Knights of Kaldor but could be used in the campaign.
GM Notes
This page contains the notes I’ve derived through the play-testing process.
Stray Thoughts
This page is where I put general thoughts and ramblings about writing and role-playing. These aren’t polished enough to call “essays” but there’s good information in here.

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