Nelafayn Hundred

The Nelafayn Hundred Project is a volunteer web effort to develop fanon for HârnWorld (created by N. Robin Crossby and published by Columbia Games Inc.)

Nelafayn’s rich background provides GMs, players and aspiring writers with a great locale that shows Hârn’s best. If you would like to participate, please head on over to the HârnForum and start a topic.

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Article Type Writer Homepage
Abriel Abbey Abbey (Hundred Moot) J. Patrick McDonald
Aeborn Manor (Unfortified)
Albernet Manor (Fortified)
Ardis Manor (Unfortified)
Bifyrd Manor (Fortified) Brian McNeilly
Chunem Manor (Unfortified)
Cyre Manor (Fortified) Daniel Bell
Durrie Manor (Fortified) Aaron Kavli
Dynes Manor (Fortified)
Eldibrin Manor (Fortified)
Elwen Manor (Unfortified)
Feron Manor (Fortified) Brian McNeilly
Forwelm Manor (Fortified)
Gedan Manor (Unfortified)  Seth Seyfried
Goffin Manor (Fortified) Daniel Bell
Hasebe Manor (Fortified) Jonathan Nicholas
Henewes Manor (Unfortified) Daniel Bell
Hyldes Manor (Unfortified)
Iversen Chapterhouse J. Patrick McDonald
Kaikefrin Manor (Unfortified)  Seth Seyfried
Kessan Manor (Fortified)
Lachel Manor (Fortified)
Loxton Manor (Fortified)
Medarsin Manor (Fortified) Daniel Bell
Minziles Manor (Unfortified)
Myrenath Manor (Fortified)
Nothrine Manor (Fortified) Aaron Kavli
Quarry Quarry Daniel Bell
Rhustan Manor (Fortified)
Salt Mine Mine
Sangara Manor (Fortified) Daniel Bell * Draft
Shotren Manor (Unfortified)
Stybrin Manor (Fortified) Kerry Mould
Terendra Manor (Fortified)
Tin Mine Mine
Wilmerith Manor (Fortified)

Other Resources

Flames of Discontent Abriel Adventure J. Patrick McDonald
(HârnCon 2003)
Nelafayn Hundred Article J. Patrick McDonald * Draft
Skeleton in the Cupboard Olokand Adventure Peter Leitch
(HârnCon 2003)
Royal Chelebin Tournament of Chivalry Olokand Tournament Bill Gant Warflail’s Armoury (defunct)
Will in the Way Goffin Adventure Daniel Bell
100 Bushels of Rye Adventure (Set nearby) Sold by: CGI
Kingdom of Kaldor Nelafayn Hundred is a part of this Realm Sold by: CGI
Olokand Castle (Shire Moot) Sold by: CGI


* Draft: indicates the article is currently being written


Map is ©Thomas Shook and is used with permission. No offers are expressed or implied to purchase products. Hârn, HârnWorld and HârnMaster are © N. Robin Crossby and Columbia Games, Inc. HârnWorld is a Trademark of Columbia Games, Inc.

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