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Asawne Kubora

This short article provides some observations of a Kuboran tribe’s clan structure by examining one of the clan in some detail, and offers an insight into Kuboran worship and honour. It is meant to accompany and extend the recent Peran and Tribes of the Kubora articles from CGI.

Tribal myth says the tribes that became the Asawne first settled on the banks of the Denia in the time of Nebran in 480TR, when the Corani legions were finally pushed back across the river. The Asawne, like the Uld, made their peace with the surviving Corani around Emesa and established a mutually beneficial trading relationship. Today the Asawne Kubora tribal range lies between the River Denia and the Scarlet Ribbon, making them near neighbours of both the Earl of Tormau and the Warriors of Mameka at Bedenes. The tribe has suffered regular raids by the Warriors for a generation but took revenge in 718TR, harrying the Agrikans as they retreated from their failure to take Kustan.

by Alun Rees


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