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Bejist – Epicenter of Evil

Travel south past the farthest reaches of the Kingdom of Kaldor, explore the Plain of Towers and the expansive Chelna Gap, peek inside the secret Shava Forest, and behold the windswept moors of Setha Heath. Stop by Trobridge Inn for some refreshments and a bit of gossip along the way, and make sure not to miss Oselbridge on your way east. Sneak past the devious Pagaelin tribes and venture deep into the moors, where foreboding Bejist can be found, and legends tell of an entombed elven king from many centuries ago.

”Bejist – Epicenter of Evil” is a 82-page module which offers a comprehensive overview of Chelmarch and Oselmarch and the lands further south, as well as the fifth and final chapter of the epic Saga of Gundar Green-Eye, an expansive story arc in the style of the old Icelandic sagas that have PCs trying to right an old wrong, and find the murderers of their parents. The module also includes a series of strategic mini-games that allows GMs who are so inclined to play out battles with three barbarian tribes who have been co-opted into the plot.

by Jay Sojdelius

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