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Category: Settlements

An article that describes a village, manor, town, city, or even a single building somewhere in the world of Hârn.


This module describes the village of Gerdel as well as the caer and the abbey, with full color maps and floorplans. In addition, a full history and description of the orders of The Eight Demons and The Cohorts of Gashang are included, along with profiles of all the local order members This sets the stage for many hours of exploration and enjoyment of this location, which integrates fully with previously published materials on Rethem, the religion of Agrik and the fantasy role-playing setting of Hârn. (This article is also included in the adventure “Trouble in Rethem”, so you don’t need to download both).


Lake Baran, the source of the Baran River, sits atop a plateau 1500′ above sea level. What secrets does this cursed plateau hold?


Making a welcome return after a long hiatus is Jonathan Nicholas with a new article in his Labarn series. This manor is the home of the notorious Widow of Jafpot.

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