The pages here represent a consolidation of a lot of work by many Hârn fans over many years. In some cases, that work is ongoing.

HârnWiki: A wiki-wiki for fans to present information in a much more linked way than traditional publishing.

Hârn Religion Team (HRT): The Hârn Religion Team produced an enormous amount of information on the deities and churches of HârnWorld.

Nelafayn Hundred: An ongoing project to detail every manor in the Hundred of Nelafayn, located in Meselynshire of northern Kaldor, one of the main kingdoms on the island of Hârn. Written by a diverse group of Hârn fans, the project nevertheless interweaves stories and relationships across this fertile agricultural, and heavily populated, region.

Pax Tharda: A collection of pages about the Thardic Republic by Ketherian (Rebecca Downey).

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