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Raldlund – Land of the Majestic Fjords

Raldlund is a wealthy, historically significant region of Menglana, located in the southern part of the kingdom, along one of its largest fjords, the Oslufjord. In this article, you can experience the splendor of the Oslufjord in southern Menglana, and tour the surrounding region. If you take a trip to the former royal seat Stimby, you can get lost among its many winding alleyways. Or, you can dive into the intrigue of Ivinian clan relations and stare destiny in the eye using the many adventure hooks supplied. For those with a bigger appetite, dig into the first chapter of the expansive Saga of Gundar Green-Eye, an epic story arc in the style of the old Icelandic sagas that will have your players trying to right an old wrong, and find the savage murderers of their parents. This 42-page article featuring extensive details on the clans populating the area, plenty of adventure hooks, and the seed of an entire campaign.

by Jay Sojdelius

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