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Kaldor Settlements

This is a collection of brief descriptions of some significant settlements in the Kingdom of Kaldor: Baseta, Esenor, Fisen, Kyg, Nubeth, Shebra, Sirendel, Uldien[*], and Wybend. There is also Yael, a settlement in the Kingdom of Melderyn. The descriptions consist of little more than a short overview, a list of residents & craftsmen, a black & white GM’s map and a colour Common (or Player) map.

While the articles may not be completely in the “traditional” format, they provide GMs with all the information they need to use them. The settlements are mostly important population centres; for example Sirendel is the seat of the Sheriff of Thel.

Please note that some of the information that tie these settlements in to the broader fabric of Hârn material may be slightly wrong (for example, Wybend is actually held from Baron Piestel for Earl Dariune, not Baron Pastel for Earl Adrienne) but these are readily altered to suit your own campaign.

These settlement articles are suitable for any medieval fantasy campaign. Maps are by Nick Lowson.

[*] There is another, much larger, version of Uldien (qv) and another, later version of Baseta Keep (qv) available for download on this site. Since these are all fanon material, they are equally valid interpretations; chose whichever you find best suits your needs.

by Paul Barr


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