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Peran: Heart of Darkness

It is hot, even with the river water sluicing along the side of the Kuboran hide boats, it’s hot. Even the air is hot, and still; as if it’s locked between the endless walls of greenery on either bank. It sucks the sweat from the skin; though the Kuboran guides are doing all the work, propelling the craft against the Denia’s sluggish current. Ten leagues up river, it feels like every furnace breathe is a labour.

Kutz remembered what the guide said when he gestured to the bank: ‘Never get off the boat’. Perhaps this was the same as all the other trips into the forest but it was certainly not going to be a comfortable one. Damned insects.

His old friend turned to face him, rivulets of sweat coursing down his face, and whispered, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this …”

Heart of Darkness is an adventure/short campaign that starts at Tormau’s White Stoat Inn but quickly takes the characters into the Peran wilderness. It is designed to give GMs a reason to put the recent Peran and Tribes of the Kubora articles to work. It requires The White Stoat Inn, Asawne and Denal Kubora fanon articles for play (see series link on the right).

by Alun Rees


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