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Clan Tharin

Clan Tharin is one of four Khuzan merchant clans based in the city of Azadmere in the kingdom of the same name. The clan is heavily involved in the caravan trade along the Silver Way and is famed for its production and distribution of “Tharin’s Rock Salt”, a favorite seasoning amongst the Khuzdul and a taste of home for Khuzdul expatriates. While most members of the clan dwell year-round at the clanhouse in Azadmere’s Inner City, those active in the clan’s mercantile activities spend much of their time at the clan’s impressive townhouse in Azadmere’s Outer City.

This 7-page location article is an excellent companion to the Azadmere City article from Columbia Games and details Clan Tharin, its four-story townhouse in Azadmere’s Outer City, and prominent members of the clan who spend a great deal of time within the townhouse. The article includes many adventure hooks, as well as full color illustrations by Richard Luschek, floorplans by Matt Roegner & C.I. Roegner. The article was edited by Kerry Mould & Matt Roegner.

Also included are FFF entries for two clanmembers.

by Andrew Buyan

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