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Friends, Foes & Followers — Uldien

Uldien Edition
Friends, Foes & Followers is a GM resource that uses a common format for presenting 2 pages of information about a character. A baker’s dozen personalities that stand for the best and worst in Uldien — from the high and mighty to the low and devious. These NPCs will widen a GM’s portfolio and bag of tricks for playing in Uldien.
Included in this deck of rogues and saints are:

  • Ferris of Thalbar, the baron’s falconer
  • Gaelen of Undren, purveyor most holy
  • Herdyn of Orrin, Uldien’s nightwatchman
  • Karsin Ubael the Elder, baron
  • Karsin Ubael the Younger, baron’s son
  • Kenna of Lennis, widowed innkeeper
  • Korrin of Pargin, wizard with a past
  • Mielinn of Klanan, well-connected apothecary
  • Selvos Yaronne, constable of Uldien
  • Serli Ubael the Elder, baroness
  • Serli Ubael the Younger, baron’s daughter
  • Sern of Targen, struggling merchant
  • Serolan Kolas Ubael, ambitious abbot

The NPCs are meant to be used with the Uldien article (qv) but most of them can easily be used in another context as well.

This supplement uses the older layout of the FFF series, since since my layout skills depend on a template. I hope this will not diminish this article’s usefulness to you.

by Bernhard Bihler



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