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Friends, Foes & Followers — Volume 1

The Hârn Writers Guild (HWG) is proud to present Friends, Foes & Followers Volume One. Friends, Foes & Followers is a GM resource that uses a common format for presenting 2 pages of information about a character. The characters can be used in any way the GM sees fit; as NPC opponents, helpers or even emergency PCs for that unexpected player, making these resources no GM should be without.

FFF Vol. 1 completely replaces updated versions of FFF Part 1 – 3 (released in Sep 2016) and Part 4 – 6 (released in Apr 2017), and the original Parts 7 – 12  (released between 2008 – 2011).

FFF Volume One contains 144 unique, illustrated, and detailed characters. Although each character has full HârnMaster 3 game system statistics, skills, weapons and armor, they are designed to be used with any game system. FFF Volume One includes the following types of characters: 22 military, 6 barbarians, 47 guilded freemen, 29 unguilded, 20 nobles, 14 priests, 5 Shek P’var (magic users), and 1 non-human monster.  FFF Volume One also includes five write-ups that describe larger groups of characters (called “A Company of Adventurers”) that work together.  The collection opens with an introduction with a cover and back page, credits, an explanation of how to read and use the FFF character sheets, an author’s notes, and a full index.

All 144 characters have been updated with new, more detailed and colorful stat blocks.  There are three completely new illustrations, plus many of the older illustrations have been rescanned at higher resolution and touched up by the original artist, Richard Luschek. All of the characters are now labeled with the final index numbers.

FFF Vol. 1 was written by Kerry Mould (87 characters), John S. Daniel II (49), John Sgammato (6), Michael Bjurshagen (3), Vicki Daniel (3), Ken Snelling (3), Jeremy Baker (1), Andy Gibson (1), and Sophia Tribad (1). Some of the FFFs were edited by Brent Bailey (24). The characters were illustrated by Richard Luschek (105) and Juha Makkonen (39).

Each of the characters has an original illustration. The art is courtesy of our art sponsors: Kerry Mould (43 characters), Patrick Nilsson (27), John S. Daniel II (20), Anders Bersten (14), Dave St. Pierre (6), Andy Gibson (5), Phillip Calkins (4), Paul Kunnap (4), Ed Barach (3), Rob Barnes (3), Edward Dewe (3), Peter Bruhn Andersen (3), Scott Shorter (2), Paul Barr (1), Aaron Hay (1), Leigh Heron (1), David Hoey (1), Allan Prewett (1), and Columbia Games Inc (1). I would also like to extend an extra-special thanks to Helmut Fritz, the sponsor of the brand new cover art for FFF Volume One.

Special thanks to Brent Bailey for use of the Tattered Crows heraldry.

by Kerry Mould

There are three different options to download:

Option 1: A 322 page PDF with the entire article in one document for easy printing.

Option 2: The introduction, 144 characters, and 5 Company of Adventurers descriptions in 150 separate PDFs.

Option 3: Illustrations Only, for those who don’t need the character write-ups.

This material is also available as a Foundry VTT module.

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