Friends, Foes & Followers — Uthriem Roliri

Uthriem Roliri Edition
Friends, Foes & Followers is a GM resource that uses a common format for presenting 2 pages of information about a character. This collection of NPCs is meant to complement the Uthriem Roliri article from CGI. The Uthriem Roliri is a brotherhood of human woodsmen. As followers of Siem, the group’s driving purpose is to protect the wilderness and its wildlife. Despite sharing a common body of beliefs and goals, there is considerable diversity among the members.

The goal of this NPC collection is to illustrate that diversity by giving examples of Uthriem Roliri members with different ranks, genders, ages, social status, occupations, religious backgrounds, and locations. The NPCs follow the format of the “Friends, Foes & Followers” series and features illustrations, descriptions, and statistics. The NPCs include:

  • a teenage woodward (Apprentice)
  • a Fyvrian Shek Pvar (Apprentice)
  • a scout for Fur Road caravans and pilgrim groups (Ranger)
  • a cartographer and Salt Route scout (Ranger)
  • a huntsman along the Silver Way (Ranger)
  • a royal forester (Ranger)
  • a bounty hunter who specializes in the undead (Ranger)
  • a shepherd with a secret identity (Ranger)
  • a cleric who is a healer and herbalist (Guardian)
  • a cleric who ministers to an outlaw community (Guardian)
  • a noble bailiff (Warden)
  • a hermit with a storied past (Warden)

by Brent Bailey


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