Friends, Foes & Followers — Part 13

Gargun Edition
Friends, Foes & Followers is a GM resource that uses a common format for presenting 2 pages of information about a character. The characters can be used in any way the GM sees fit; likely NPC opponents, possibly helpers, or even as PCs for an atypical Harn campaign, making these resources no GM should be without. With excellent artwork by Richard Luschek, and masterful editing by Brent Bailey and Kerry Mould, this instalment contains:

  • a  cunning Gargu-viasal king who hunts Khuzdul with a passion
  • a sadistic Gargu-hyeka king
  • a  brutal  “religious” Gargu-hyeka king
  • a  voracious Gargu-araki queen
  • a scheming Garg-hyeka queen with a powerful aid
  • a rebellious Gargu-khanu amazon  who leads her own “hive”
  • a stalwart and honor-bound Gargu-kyani amazon
  • a  psychotic Gargu-viasal berzerker
  • a Gargu-kyani “dog-whisperer”  who prefers the company of his dogs to other gargun
  • a  successful Gargu-khanu gladiator of the Pamensani games
  • a  crafty Gargu-araki and brains of a familiar duo
  • a  hulking idiot of a Gargu-khanu and boom companion to an Araki
  • a  reclusive Fyvrian mage with unconvential plans for gargun
  • a “civilized” Gargu-araki “son” of the Fyvrian mage
  • a monstrous Gargu aberrant with a mysterious past and a tragic future
  • 15 pages of character illustrations
  • a companion four page article of magical gargun artifacts

FFF13 is intended to be part of Kerry Mould’s excellent FFF series.  Therefore, an updated FFF index is provided, the headers have been set to match the color scheme, and a 15 page PDF with just character illustrations are provided for use.

Why gargun?  My first answer is “Because it hasn’t been done yet!”  The second answer is “13 seems an auspicious number for gargun.”  When I was first introduced to Harn, I wasn’t impressed with some of the more traditional elemenets; elves, dwarves, and orcs.  But over the years I’ve grown to appreciate the odious and vile species Harnians call “Foulspawn.”  My intent is not to take up the cry of “Orcs are people, too!” but rather to present a unique cast of Gargun who rise above the common sword fodder.  I hope to present execptional, or at least memorable, foes and possibly even “friends”, to inflict upon the inhabitants of Harn.  I hope you enjoy!

by Shawn Bond


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