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Friends, Foes & Followers — Part 16 Standing Bear Inn

Friends, Foes & Followers is a GM resource that uses a common format for presenting 2 pages of information about a character. The characters can be used in any way the GM sees fit; as NPC opponents, helpers or even emergency PCs for that unexpected player, making these resources no GM should be without.

This article is written by Kerry Mould, in cooperation with Rob Barnes. The article was illustrated by the talented Richard Luschek. The art was sponsored by Rob Barnes (9) and Patrick Nilsson (3). All of the characters can be found either working or staying at the Standing Bear Inn in Olokand, Kaldor.

The characters include:

  • one-eyed huscarl from Orbaal
  • a neurotic innkeeper, equal parts fawning and abusive
  • a pretty journeyman innkeeper drawn into her boss’ intrigues
  • a cook with a talent for singing, and large personal network
  • a barkeep and bouncer with unusual skills
  • a tall and massive friendly giant of a brewmaster
  • a talented ostler who likes horses over humans
  • a bumbling server and dogsbody who is not what he seems
  • the innkeeper’s wife who is more capable than he is
  • a handsome, young knight with few prospects
  • a lonely, middle-aged knight hiding from his past
  • a slightly-senile, but friendly, retired knight of the Lady of Paladins

Please enjoy. Your feedback and comments are always welcome.

by Kerry Mould

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