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Medieval Cities

For all you GMs out there, here are two historical English medieval city maps. One is Conwy in Wales presented in jpeg while the other is a layered pdf of Exeter showing its numerous religious institutions.

by Mike St. Pierre


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  1. Congratulations on your Exeter map! As a fan of Professor Bernard Knight’s ‘Crowner John’ medieval mysteries I appreciate what you’ve created. And to any of your followers I must recommend ‘Crowner John’ as being a great way to learn a trifle about the late 12th Century in England and of the life & politics of the time. And not only is the learning totally painlessly, but by being entertained at the same time acquiring interesting knowledge happens naturally. It’s medieval life with gentle humour, complete with smells!

    Take a look at Bernard’s website & you will see what a high achiever this man is:

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