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Eastside City Block

This is a complete city block based on an area of Tashal in the Kingdom of Kaldor. But it is sufficiently generic that it can be used with any city in Hârn. This neighbourhood can be used as either an adventure location, home of a shady contact, home base for PCs or one of many other uses.

by Kerry Mould


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  1. Hi,

    Just a note to those of you who download this file. The first paragraph refers to an adventure named “The Missing Maid”. A complete, stand-alone mini-adventure to accompany this location was planned, but never completed. You can find a summary of the adventure in “The Earl’s Progress”, pages 52 – 53. It includes most of the ideas and elements intended for the stand alone mini-adventure. Unfortunately, the larger, mini-adventure is still just a set of hand-written notes buried in a binder. The draft was play-tested at HarnCon 4 and was well recieved, but I have since moved on to other projects. I have no intention (at this time) of finishing the project. Sorry! I hope you enjoy Eastside City Block.


    – Kerry Mould

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