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Tomes and Scrolls: pp27-38

This 12-page article introduces a dozen new tomes for your Hârnic libraries. It concentrates more on mundane writings, leaving out theological works which are well covered by the previous release (COL #4055). The individual entries are done in the official style of the original and give all the pertinent information. The works covered are:

  • Journal of Pymel the Meticulous (Arcane Lore/Earthmastery)
  • The Book of the Sable Eye (Astrology)
  • The Geography of the Heavens (Astrology)
  • Fundamentals of Arithmetic (Mathematics)
  • Vision of Transformation (Alchemy)
  • The Acorn Armorial (Heraldry)
  • Sire Huorn’s Quest (Chivalric romance)
  • The Bonds of Love (Minstrelsy songbook)
  • Musings of an Old Man (Statecraft)
  • Codex Corani (Law)
  • On Crime and Punishment (Law)
  • On Town Law and Privilege (Law)

Some of these titles first appeared on the Hârnic book list available on the old Columbia Games website. These have been updated and fully fleshed out. My personal thanks go to Brent Bailey for his editing and layout.

By Bernhard Bihler


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