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The Earl’s Progress

Medieval lords travelled a great deal, as it was necessary for them to administrate their far-flung fiefdoms and to communicate with their lord, liegemen, friends and family. In this 88-page campaign module, you’ll find such a trip undertaken by Sir Declaen Caldeth, 19th Earl of Vemion. Follow him as he travels from his home in Minarsas to his most distant holdings, stopping off to visit the King at the Royal Tournament of Chivalry in Olokand, and also visiting his townhouse in the capital, Tashal. In order to complete your set, you will also need to obtain the Caldeth Townhouse (qv) module, as well as Friends, Foes, and Followers — Part 9 (qv),which details many of the principal players. With maps, illustrations, and a huge helping of adventure seeds, ideas and hooks, this publication just goes to show what fans can produce.

Winner: Best Fan Article 2005

by Kerry Mould

This material is also available as a Foundry VTT module.


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