Antir Keep

Antir is a small seaport on the southern side of Deb Bay in northern Orbaal. It is held by the Fyrdaels, an Ivinian clan that conquered the settlement in 658 TR. Sheltered from the harsh westerly winds by Mounts Gond and Zola, Antir faces a worse tempest as its valhakar is about to draw his last breath. Rival claimants to the throne gird for war while their overlord in Marby worries about the clan’s loyalty and foreign powers extend their grip towards the keep. A hair’s breadth away from exploding into violence, with brother facing uncle across the blade of a sword, Antir indeed has interesting times ahead.

This 10-page article features an in-depth description of Antir, along with maps and colour artwork. Thanks to Brent Bailey for editing and layout.

by Bernhard Bihler


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