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Thonahexus 14

This issue of Thonahexus includes contributions from Hârnic authors old and new. We have a good mix of fiction and game resources, including:

  • David Workman and Tom Rodriguez tell stories of the beginnings of the Elder Races on Hârn.
  • David also contributes a ghost story set in Kaldor.
  • Joe Vecchio returns with another chapter of the exploits of Captain Courageous and his troupe as they weave their way through the politics at Trobridge.
  • Rob Barnes expands on the Ilmen Marsh and its inhabitants.
  • Kerry Mould unearths some maps from the fabled Dongmaster and details a lost Khuzan kyg.
  • A Vision Clouds the Future by Marc Ammerlaan, a “what-if” article gives us a glimpse into what might happen if something untoward befell Alegar II and the throne of Orbaal was suddenly vacant.
  • An Asolade Winter by Neil Thompson provides some backstory into one of the characters featured in his incredible adventure A Shower of Silver (qv).

by Joe Adams

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