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Thonahexus 12

At long last, Thonahexus 12 has stepped into the light of day. It’s September 2022 and this issue has a wide range of items, so it’s sure to have something for everyone.


  • Ivor’s Lair is a troubling encounter in Coranan might turn in to an adventurer’s nemesis
  • A trio of stories about the Treasure War in Chybisa:
    • The Acorn and the Boar
    • A Tirralman’s Tale
    • A Peonian Sermon
  • Krazma’s Forge brings us some additional material on the caverns of Araka-Kalai
  • Architectural History of Namadees tells the story of the evolution of the great abbey in Namadees.
  • The Flow is based on a correspondence about training Shek Pvar.
  • Terror at Trobridge continues the story of Captain Courageous and his troupe as they arrive at Trobridge.
  • City of Darkness is a record of Kelapyn-Anuz, the city of Tashal under the Foulspawner.
  • City X is a generic settlement for use anywhere in Harn.

edited by Joe Adams

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