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Rat Pack

Rats are harbingers of filth and disease. There is always need to control the rat population in cities and towns through Hârn. The ratter and his dogs can usually go anywhere they like, and they see many interesting things. The Rat Pack is a collection of articles related to rats:

  • Ratters: Ratters do the dirty work of controlling rats and other pests in settlements throughout Hârn and Lythia. This four-page article provides information about the necessary skills, equipment, and techniques for catching and disposing of rats. It also discusses other aspects of the ratter’s life, such as the law, religion, and disease.
  • Rats: A two-page bestiary article that details the black and brown rats common to Hârn as well as the ravenous, undead Crypt Rats.
  • FFF: Four ratter NPCs detailed in the familiar “Friends, Foes, and Followers” style.

by Brent Bailey


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