Thonahexus 9

August 31, 2008

Part 9 of 9 in the series Thonahexus

May 2008 – Thonahexus thoroughly examines the Kaldoric Succession Crisis.

  • Running a Succession Crisis – an article on how a GM could use a succession crisis in his campaign
  • Why write this? – Different approaches to the Succession Crisis
  • Reactions of other kingdoms – how Kaldor’s throes affect and influence the rest of Hârn
  • Analyzing the Kaldoric Succession Crisis: The Prelude – an analysis of the key players and their motives
  • Zerula – the first of the Lythian Ports of Call articles
  • The Khuzan Diary – a treasure item with a story

edited by Joe Adams

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Thonahexus 8

August 30, 2008

Part 6 of 9 in the series Thonahexus

July 2007 – Maritime campaigns and other thoughts

  • The Ring of Halgrim – a treasure item
  • Maritime Campaigns – GMs discuss the peculiarities of running a maritime campaign
  • And then we hire a pilot – Pilots and the structure of trade in southwestern Hârn
  • Sins of Scenario Writers – views on adventure writing
  • Building a Manor – how a Hârnic lord might build a manor in the wilderness
  • The Horn of Skargja the Wise – an adventure seed for Ivinian players
  • Seldholm – an Orbaalese village

edited by Joe Adams

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Thonahexus 7

August 29, 2008

Part 8 of 9 in the series Thonahexus

April 2006 – Thonahexus investigates a wide range of topics.

  • Campaign Talk – several GMs relate how they design and run their campaigns.
  • Pilgrims and Relics – thoughts on how to develop and incorporate pilgrimages into the Hârn mileu.
  • Gnostic Interpretation of Hârnic Religion – an examination of Hârnic gods
  • Conspiracy Theory – a story that casts some light on a hidden power
  • The Graesha – the tree devils of the Loalan forest

edited by Lucas Magnusson

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Thonahexus 6

August 28, 2008

Part 7 of 9 in the series Thonahexus

April 2005 – While Thonahexus finishes with Loala, it broadens its scope on Hârn.

  • Godstones – engimatic relics of Hârn’s past and keys to Kelestia
  • The Company of the Cup – a group of Golothans with a dark secret.
  • What do you call a Knight? – How to address a nobleman
  • Highways & Tolls – Travelling the highways of Hârn
  • Genheim – a settlement in Orbaal
  • St. Melik’s Broadsword – an adventure in Orbaal
  • Holegore – a riverside town in Loala that is filled with intrigue and thievery

edited by Lucas Magnusson

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Thonahexus 5

August 27, 2008

Part 5 of 9 in the series Thonahexus

August 2004 – Thonahexus continues its exploration of Loala but pauses to examine writing and ruins.

  • The Written Word – an article on the different scripts of the Lakise alphabet
  • Ruins of Hârn – an essay on the architectural remnants on Hârn
  • Imeruva: The Court of Illusions – an enigma hidden in the hills of Loala
  • Ostelones – a town in Loala
  • Tolbeth Manor – an isolated manor with a secret

edited by Lucas Magnusson

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Thonahexus 4

August 26, 2008

Part 4 of 9 in the series Thonahexus

February 2004 – This issue of Thonahexus focused on the Malnoren of Loala, a duchy of the kingdom of Shorkyne.

  • The Malnoren of Loala – an overview of the countryside
  • Trepura & the Lado College – an isolated part of the area and its Pilots’ College
  • Lado Village – the college’s town
  • The Imperial Vintage – an adventure in Trepura
  • The Wreckers of the Coast – a short story about the local pirates.
  • Sonise – a small keep in Loala
  • The Questions of the Hârnic Dark Age – an essay on the technological level of Hârn

edited by Lucas Magnusson

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Thonahexus 3

August 25, 2008

Part 3 of 9 in the series Thonahexus

June 2003 – The third issue of Thonahexus contains a common knowledge story about the Anoth Delta, complimenting the article in Issue #2.  It also examines the wine culture and business of Lythia and then takes a close look at the Morsina – the Dark Elves of Hârn.  This issue also presents Saint Abraeron’s Chalice, an adventure set in Kaldor and a travelogue of Khuzdan statues in the Ulmerien River valley.

edited by Lucas Magnusson

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Thonahexus 2

August 24, 2008

Part 2 of 9 in the series Thonahexus

November 2002 – The second issue of Thonahexus started with an essay by Lucas Magnusson about his ideas on Hârnic campaigns. He followed this with an article on the Anoth Delta and a convention adventure called “A Diabolical Plan.”

edited by Lucas Magnusson

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Thonahexus 1

August 23, 2008

Part 1 of 9 in the series Thonahexus

June 2002. The premier issue of Hârn’s fanzine includes a description of Firis, a district capital in the Thardic Republic, and The Elusive City, an expansion of the adventure “In Search of Panaga – Kiraz“.

edited by Lucas Magnusson

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