Thonahexus 10

 Thonahexus is a fanzine dedicated to the world of Kethira and its many aspects: geography, history, adventures, campaigns, characters etc. It does not concern itself with rules: this is a fanzine about storytelling and saga, about giving life to a fictional world, about creating mood.

August 2021 – Thonahexus covers an eclectic range of topics.

  • Theater in Golotha – location: the only real playhouse in Rethem
  • Murder at the Tourney – fiction: The Adventures of Captain Courageous
  • The Horn of Skargia the Wise – hook: a legendary tale
  • The Sinister Secret – adventure: in the wilds outside Selvos, Kanday
  • The Meteor Tale – location/hook: mysterious crater in Peran
  • Vim – fiction: a mage comes home
  • Nubeth Chantry – location/adventure: a chantry of the Guild of Arcane Lore
  • The Shrine of Ilpylen – location: an Agrikan shrine in the Sorkin Mtns
  • A Generic Manor – location: details of the manor and a small chantry
  • Krazma’s Forge – regular column: this time some magic items

edited by Joe Adams

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