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Thonahexus 11

Thonahexus 11 is here! It’s February 2022 and continuing the revived Thonahexus series, this issue has:


  • Shala House, a royal residence on the outskirts of Tashal
  • The Wizard’s Workshop, a one-page adventure where an unfortunate Shek P’var’s workspace has a new tenant
  • Members of the Troupe presents backgrounds and game stats for Captain Courageous and his band of players
  • An Ilviran Serman is the third installment of the Stories of Harn
  • The Light of True Seeing is a khuzan artifact
  • Krazma’s Forge brings forth maps from the past
  • Scraps of Shadow tells a tale of a risky venture in Kiban
  • Alone in Harnworld investigates options for using solo roleplaying rules with the Harnworld setting
  • Virtual Harnworld discusses current efforts to bring HarnWorld and the HarnMaster rules to virtual tabletop gaming

edited by Joe Adams

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