Map: Emesa Hundred

April 1, 2018

Part 22 of 22 in the series Dark Rethem

This map was drafted to support the development of the Emesa article and is posted following some interest from members of the community.

by Alun Rees







Map: Emesa Hundred Download

Tashal: Medrik – SE

January 27, 2018

Medrik Southeast City Block is located in Tashal, and consists of 10 buildings that are home to a mixed population of lesser nobility, government officials, guildsmen, and even a few laborers. The most prominent resident is Tarkin Hirnen, Lord Chancellor of Kaldor. Many are full of secrets. The twenty page article contains full plans for each building by Matt Leber, heraldry, layout by Brent Bailey, and Richard’s Luschek’s fantastic art.

by Matt Roegner

Tashal: Medrik - SE Download

Atlas Keléstia – Trzn-B2 Âlwin published

September 11, 2017

The Land Awakens…

Keléstia Productions are pleased to announce the publication of Atlas Keléstia #47.

This issue describes map square B2 (Âlwin) on the Emélrenè map. It is our most complex Atlas Keléstia issue yet – the map index is 50 pages long, and includes data for more than 420 entries.

This issue of Atlas Keléstia covers the Kingdom of Emélrenè’s Âlwìna Shire and a number of surrounding areas. Âlwìna Shire is Emélrenè’s most populous and lies at the heart of the kingdom. Âlwin city is the second largest urban centre of the realm and jealously guards its rights and privileges. The ancient castle of Modána and thirteen keeps are also found in this area.

Most of the great clans of the realm hold lands here. Three of the great clans with seats in the region are in danger of ‘extinction’ due to small sizes, but in all cases, there are sub-clans with an interest in the outcome. The region is also the home of one of the clans descended from the old royal house, with associated tensions.

Other ancient tensions continue in the Môrtellyn Hundred, a region inhabited by clans with links to the area’s dark past. Nearby in the Léngardhel hills, brigandage is a growing problem, drawn by the gem mining in the region.

But most alarming is the ‘awakening’ of almost all of the Ethereal Zones (Laellyn) in the region, and the growing number of strange sightings, incidents and creatures in the area. The Émhlè rangers and the Laránian Order of the Lion Banner are both increasingly stretched to respond to these issues.

To learn more about Atlas Keléstia TRZN-B2 and to make a purchase, go to:

To learn more about Atlas Keléstia and to view a map of the published issues, see A list of issues in order of publication date is available at

Menema Regional Map

March 13, 2017

The Menema Regional Map bundle contains three files. These are a PNG image of a regional map of Menema in Hepekeria done in the same style as the Harn, Ivinia, Shorkyne, and Trierzon regional maps produced by Columbia Games. Also included is a Microsoft publisher file with the same image sized and tiled to be printed out on multiple A4 pages and stuck together to produce a regional map of the same scale as the originals. Finally, the package also includes an incomplete Menema index. This lists all the features on the map, but provides little information other than the title, nature, and grid reference for each feature. You will have to complete the content yourself.

by Conal Smith

Menema Regional Map Download

Hârn Pottage III

November 12, 2016

Part 3 of 4 in the series Harn Pottage

Pottage III continues the fine tradition of bringing excellent supplementary material to the roleplaying community. While the places, people, and adventures contained in this volume are aimed at the world of Hârn, with very little work they could be used in any medieval fantasy campaign. Heck, with just a little more work, they could be used in ANY genre!

Included with artwork by the incomparable Richard Luschek and beautiful maps, the author has once again exceeded all expectations. These 40 pages are roleplaying gold…and free!

by Mike St-Pierre

Hârn Pottage III Download

As an added bonus, Joe McCallum has made coloured editions of some of the Keep (Fortified Manor House) that appears on pgs 2-5.

Pottage3 Colour Maps Download

Sheluna Mountains

February 27, 2016

The Sheluna Mountains region sits astride the Principalities of Hacherul in the west and Shelum in the east. The northern portion of Shelum merges with the Beshakan Desert with no clear border line, although the boundary of the Beshakan desert is generally considers to be the northern border of Suram Province. The most prominent feature of the area is the great Sheluna Volcano which rises 10,205′ above the arid sand dunes of the Beshakan desert. The mountain has a sinister reputation and is avoided by all but the most foolhardy. This map is done in the current Columbia Games Inc. style, and the package also contains a short (5 page) index of major features.

by Joseph McCallum

Sheluna Mountains Download


Nuem-Yael Map Pack

July 28, 2015

This map pack contains a number of TIFF images of small villages and hamlets, including Beoran, Bilonin, Cundras, Evire, Fehin, Fezy, Fosumo, Himlet, Kedic, Kelime, Labret, Molon, Pouka, Purque, Racyn, Rythik, Saserus, Yael, and Zonun. The settlements are strung along the Nuem Trail in southern Melderyn, which eventually connects to Gythrun Castle. This is an area of Melderyn where the Solori tribesmen are active.

There is no text with the maps, just the low resolution images, so GMs will have supply their own information about each hamlet, its inhabitants and the surrounding lands.

by Tuomo Aimonen

Nuem-Yael Maps Download

NB: This file used to be known as the Nuel-Yael Map Pack.

Maps: Anfla & Kamace

May 5, 2015

A series of five mapped squares covering the islands of Anfla and Kamace and other islands that are separated from the main island of Hârn by the Emaba Strait. A sixth map combines all 5 squares, plus a sea square that completes the larger poster map of the area. These high quality maps have been completed in the standard Atlas Hârnica style developed by Columbia Games Inc.

by Oddgeir Drevdal

Maps Emaba Strait Download


Manor Templates

May 8, 2013

Page templates with hex grids at different scales in both A4 and Letter formats and in Black and White and greyscale. Layer information has been included so you can turn off anything you don’t want.

by Richard Woollacott

Manor Templates Download


Gythrun – Melderyn

April 7, 2013

Here are a set of alternative, beautifully hand-drawn floorplans for Gythrun Castle, the principal seat of the Earl of Biren in the Kingdom of Melderyn. There is no text with the floorplans, although the plans themselves have some labels. These floorplans could be used in any game setting that needs a castle, from medieval fantasy to modern black ops games. Although quite small, this fortress is very strongly build.

by Richard Woollacott

Gythrun Download


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